Tina (teeuh) wrote,

rip holly.

Holly, you are missed.

P.s. if anyone that went to martin has any pictures of her would ya mind giving em to me? I wanna make a memorial page on my website when it's up.. ty..

RIP Holly Dooley 12/24/03.
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omg, tia. it's ally. :). i dont know your aim, or email...i forgot it already, so im me at roxxibabii or mailee, when u get on. i didnt know you still used this.
hey i came across your journal, pretty rad. add me? ill add u back, if thats alrite. :] i promise im not crazy.
I hope you get this message. I knew Holly Dooley, and found your LJ by typing her name into google. I was thinking of her on the one year anniversary of her death (last night). Did you ever end up making that memorial page. If you did could you email me at theevllqueen@hotmail.com. (two L's) Holly is greatly missed.
Happy Holidays,